Outstanding biomedical expertise and experience

Excelect’s exceptional and wide-ranging expertise in biotechnology, healthcare and education enables it to create bespoke solutions for clients’ every need. We use our unrivalled international network to assemble a dedicated team of world-class experts to deliver specific tasks and projects for our clients – in a very efficient, accelerated and cost-effective manner. By operating a very nimble and flexible model, Excelect can rapidly access exceptional expertise in a comprehensive range of biomedical and healthcare spheres.

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Biomedical and Clinical Sciences

Our expertise includes the complete range of biomedical sciences including cell biology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, Stem cells and regenerative medicine. We similarly offer expert support and leadership in the full breadth of clinical disciplines including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, autoimmunity and transplantation.

Biotechnology and Devices

Our insight and expertise in diagnostic and interventional procedures include the full range of laboratory assays, clinical investigations and imaging, as well as clinical interventions including pharmacotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. We additionally offer access to outstanding expertise in medical technologies and devices, bio-banking and tissue storage.

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Communication, Education and Regulation

Excelect has an excellent track record in supporting clients with their biomedical education and training needs, as well as engagement and communication with patients, consumers and stakeholders – including investors. Excelect can provide expertise to meet clients’ regulatory, legal and ethical needs. It has a wealth of expertise and insight in healthcare infrastructure, logistics and economics, empowering its clients to create synergy with other partners in biotech and healthcare arenas.