Bespoke solutions in life sciences and healthcare

Excelect can add outstanding value to its partners by contributing to and leading all aspects of business strategy and operations.  Clients can engage Excelect for defined projects or as part of a continuing partnership to deliver a range of services. We prides ourselves in our ability to ignite long-term connections that can deliver paradigm shifting results to members of its network. Excelect will therefore utilise its extensive network to enable third-party synergistic connections if a project is outside the scope of its activities.

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Business Strategy and Leadership

Excelect has an impressive track record at working with clients at board level on all aspects of business strategy and leadership, including direction of R&D, medical and clinical strategy. We can assist with non-dilutive fundraising as well as with investor relations, market identification and assessment.

Research, Product Design and Development

Our extensive experience in preclinical and clinical biomedical sciences can assist clients with design of innovative in vitro laboratory and in vivo pre-clinical studies, as well with clinical projects including randomised controlled trials. Excelect can conduct exhaustive technology reviews and appraisals as part of medical device design and development.

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Clinical Translation and Market Penetration

Excelect can help clients navigate all regulatory pathways to clinical translation of medicinal products and medical devices. It can provide bespoke editorial support and communication expertise and training to optimise relations and engagement with staff, consumers, regulatory bodies, investors and other stakeholders.