Excelect is the ideal expert partner to empower commercial organisations to disrupt the status quo within the life sciences and healthcare sectors. We offer a unique blend of academic, clinical and commercial expertise to deliver a comprehensive range of paradigm-shifting solutions to clients. Our core mission is to utilise our unrivalled network to accelerate innovation and add outstanding value to our partners.

About Excelect

Based in Cambridge UK, Excelect utilises an unparalleled international academic, clinical and commercial network to help clients achieve outstanding results.


Partnership with Excelect opens the gateway to unsurpassed world class expertise in pre-clinical and clinical sciences, biotechnology, medical devices, communication, education and beyond.


Excelect offers partners exceptional multidimensional support, direction and leadership in R&D, pre-clinical and clinical study design and delivery, product design, marketing, fundraising, regulation and communication.


Excelect has an outstanding track record for delivering exceptional value to a diverse range of clients from start-ups to major multinational corporations.


Contact Excelect to explore a bespoke partnership tailored to surpass the needs and expectations of your organisation.